CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD Oil for Dogs

For those of us who are dog owners, we can all agree that they are the best at loving us unconditionally. Often times, these furry friends quickly become family members, and so we dedicate a lot of time and resources to ensuring that they get to live a long and healthy life. Sadly, many veterinarians and researchers are finding that dogs suffer everyday from disorders and diseases that reduce the time and quality of their life span, just as humans do.

However, there is an answer for that. Research is showing that a compound known as CBD oil, directly and indirectly, affects biological systems, such as the endocannabinoid system, while also improving overall nervous and psychological systems for these animals. The overarching positive indications are improving the wellbeing of both dogs and humans all over the world.


The questions remain:


How safe is CBD oil for dogs?

Due to years of inexperience and lack of knowledge, many pet owners have been skeptical of CBD oil and the overarching effects it can have on their animal. However, research is proving that it is absolutely safe for animals, as well as humans. CBD oil is a compound gotten from marijuana and hemp, the cannabis plant. The two major cannabinoid components of the cannabis plant are found in THC and CBD. CBD does not have any psychoactive properties, which can prohibit a clear mental state for a user. However, THC can contribute to those side effects, and if a CBD oil isn’t considered “clean,” it can cause side effects aligned with marijuana in your pet. This is what has caused many owners to shy away from the product, but what they don’t realize is that if your CBD oil is considered a quality product, it will be labeled “clean.” With clean, correctly labeled, CBD oil, even long-term and high dosages will not negatively affect an animal, because the product will have little to no THC and will be considered safe for use due to its pure nature.


Why should I use CBD oil on my dog?

While research has proved that there are many causes related to an imbalance of a dog’s ECS, there is a clear link between the ECS and disorders, illnesses, and disease. When a dog’s ECS is imbalanced, it must be supplemented with phytocannabinoid medicines from plants, such as cannabis. Time and time again, research is proving that CBD oil has the potential to prevent current issues or prevent future issues for these animals.


What is the Appropriate CBD for my Dog?

CBD products are all over the United States, and other countries are beginning to see the tangible benefits as well. However, there has been limited oversight and regulation within the market, so it’s essential that owners who desire to try these products understand the varying components, and even warnings, of CBD oil.  


Here are a few tips that new users should know when shopping for CBD products:

  • High-quality CBD oil is typically expensive. If you’re looking to buy cheap, CBD products, you are probably buying a product that contains toxins, or even products that have more or less CBD oil than the company may be advertising. It is never worth the risk it can cause to your pet to buy anything less than high-quality CBD oil.
  • There are CBD dog treats, but the market still has not figured out how to administer the doses with complete accuracy. Your dog will benefit much more if you purchase oil that can be measured properly and titrated.
  • Buying organic products are essential to safety. Many CBD products derived from industrial hemp, and this can be contaminated with toxic herbicides, pesticides, chemical solvent residues, and heavy metals. When you purchase certified organic products, you can also have total confidence that your dog is not intaking toxins.
  • It’s important to ensure that the CBD oil you purchase has been approved through chemical analysis. A high-quality CBD product usually comes with a lab analysis performed by a third party. This analysis can tell you how much CBD and THC are the in the product. If a lab analysis is not provided, you have no way of truly knowing the amount of purified CBD you are giving to your dog. This should warrant major concerns for any pet owner.


What is the right dosage of CBD oil for my dog?

CBD oil is non-toxic and safe, with very few adverse side effects that modern medicines cannot promise. However, each dog and individual will react differently to cannabinoid therapies, which is why it is essential that each dosage is customized for the specific dog or individual.

CBD dosages are in large part determined by a dog’s body weight. Let’s examine a regimen that is commonly recommended when CBD oil is being administered to dogs.

The first step of giving CBD oil is, to begin with a very small dosage. This is the same protocol when distributing to humans. This helps the distributor (or owner) see how the dog will react to the CBD before giving large doses. If an owner’s dog is relieved and the benefits of the CBD oil are apparent, then the owner has already reached the goal. There is no benefit to giving a dog more CBD than it needs to feel the benefits since high-quality CBD oil is so costly.


1st stage – .05 mg CBD x lb. / two times daily

When giving a dog a low dosage of CBD oil for one week, it is clear how it will affect a dog. If your dog benefits from the dosage, then continue on for two to three weeks for continued benefits. If after a week of administering the dose, there are no clear effects within the dog, then it is probably best to increase the dosage.

2nd stage- .125 mg CBD x lb. / two times daily

When giving your dog 2.5 mg two times daily (given that the dog weighs 20 lbs), your dog should begin to respond with the wellness benefits within the week. If the benefits of CBD oil are evident, then there is no need to increase the dosage. However, if there is little to no benefit after two weeks, then the dosage needs to be increased to the third stage.


3rd stage- .25 mg x lb / two times daily

When giving your dog 5 mg two times daily (given that the dog weighs 20 lbs), your dog should be responding within a week or two. Ensure that you are allotting enough time for your dog to show signs of good health or relief from the current symptoms.

It’s important for an owner to know that they can administer higher dosages without concern of intoxication or overdose, but it’s much better to start with a small dosage and increase as needed. This will help them view the effects with more ease, as well as save them money, given that a purified product comes with an expense.


Can CBD affect depression and anxiety in a dog?

It’s truly amazing how CBD oil has helped various conditions linked with anxiety and depression within these animals. There are many dogs who suffer from anxiety while their owners are away at work, an event, or on vacation. However, CBD oil binds with varying receptors in their brains, which are responsible for stress-relief. This means that CBD oil holds many benefits that can help dogs that experience trauma, separation anxiety, or high-stress levels.

CBD oil also binds with neuroreceptors that balance hormones and other forms of emotional stability. What this means is that when a dog suffers from chronic depression, CBD oil has the capability to lift their spirits and mood. Essentially, CBD oil has the capability to give dogs a greater emotional balance, which in turn, puts their owners at ease when they have to be away.


What are the effects of CBD on chronic pain and inflammation?

Health conditions often have the capability of causing chronic pain and inflammation within animals. However, part of the challenge is that owners are never sure of the pain their dogs are truly experiencing since they cannot communicate their discomfort in the same way as humans.

If your dog loses their motivation, ability to eat, or desire to interact with you, this may be evidence of low-grade inflammation. Inflammation and pain may be caused by surgery, acute injury, or other underlying causes. What so many don’t understand is that CBD oil has the capability to give them relief from both acute and chronic conditions. It reduces their pain by targeting their pain receptions, telling them to send fewer pain signals to the body. It also has the capability to trigger the immune system in order to produce less inflammation, halting chronic inflammation and relieving their pain.

The results become evident when dogs begin playing, moving with less pain, show less inflammation, and experience a greater life quality. It’s very clear when a dog is happy, healthy, and themselves.

Below is an amazing testimonial from a woman who gave her dog, Penny, City Natural’s CBD oil dog treats:


“Our dog has been on the CBD dog treats for 5 days now. At one point, she couldn’t leave her bed, and we had to offer assistance when she needed to relieve herself. Today, she was able to walk outside, through her doggy door, and she went to the bathroom alone. She also went up and down our stairs without assistance. This was a miracle after the pain she has experienced!” -Laurie


It is no secret that traditional pharmaceuticals have the potential to cause long-term side effects that can be dangerous for your dog. CBD oil is effective, but it is also safe. The naturally occurring compounds it contains has the potential and ability to improve your pet’s quality of life.


Reading this will equip you with all the tools and knowledge you need to:


  • Research and purchase a CBD product that is of high quality
  • Titrate the proper amount for your dog based on weight and needed dose
  • Give the proper amount to your pet
  • Observe and correctly analyze how your dog is improving post dosage


Please note, you should give the dog their dosage under their tongue. If that is too difficult, then you can give them a gel capsule with the properly measured CBD dosage. It is also possible to put the oil in their water or food that you give them on a daily basis. If your dog is experiencing skin conditions, then there is also the option to apply this topically.

Thank you so much for taking the time to educate yourself on the benefits of CBD oil for your pet. Please feel free to share this information with your fellow pet owners and families. This product truly has the potential to change modern medicine, improving the quality of life for dogs everywhere.

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