GMP Certification Ensures City Natural Products Are Pharmaceutical-Grade

GMP Certification Ensures City Natural Products Are Pharmaceutical-Grade

As many know, one of the fastest growing consumer products in the United States is CBD oil. It’s no surprise that with the growing interest, there are many CBD companies that are attempting to take their place in this market boom. When it comes to any new product, there are always going to be companies that come to the forefront with good intentions, and there are others that are solely out to make money, regardless of who or what is at stake. The unfortunate reality is there are many companies that are making low-quality products in comparison to the few that are making pure, high-quality products.

While many people think that it’s always worthwhile to save a few extra dollars, dietary supplements are not an area of life to compromise on in terms of the quality a person settles for. High quality CBD oil has many health benefits and is well worth a person’s investment. On the opposite end of the spectrum, low quality CBD oil not only terminates some of the possible health advantages a person may get, but it can also be contaminated with other substances, endangering a person’s health. With this in mind, you should only invest in CBD oil that has been approved with a pharmaceutical grade.

In today’s market, much of the CBD oil is comprised of either low levels of CBD, low-quality industrial hemp, or other terpenes and cannabinoids through the use of harsh processes that can destroy important compounds for additional health benefits. What’s even more terrifying for CBD oil users, is that there is potential for CBD oil to be contaminated with mold, toxic metals, solvents, or other harmful products when it is manufactured incorrectly.

Due to the fact that this is such a new and emerging market, there is much concern over hte lack of correct and accurate labeling. Recent studies reveal that 40% of tested CBD products did not contain the amount of CBD oil that was advertised on the company’s label or other marketing tactics. So the question remains: How does a consumer (especially a new consumer) decipher through these brands within a new market to find pharmaceutical-grade and contaminated-free CBD oil?

We have an answer for those questions. Here are some of the main attributes that make City Natural products pharmaceutical-grade CBD oil.


City Natural is certified by the renowned and trusted GMP:


City Natural CBD oil products are created under strict regulations known as Good Manufacturing Practices, otherwise called GMP. In the current market, our facility is the only GMP-certified facility dedicated to the creation of pure, pharmaceutical-graded CBD products. GMP is a set of manufacturing standards created by the United States Food and Drug Administration, enforced by the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. The overarching goals of GMP helps reduce the risks associated with the production, and eventually distribution, of pharmaceutical drugs. Through our promise and dedication to adhere to these GMP regulations, we are guaranteeing that consumers are getting consistent products with only the highest quality standards in mind.

Every aspect of the manufacturing process is overseen by the standards set in place by GMP, including the facilities, equipment, starting materials, and company processes. The GMP regulations also conduct personnel training, personnel qualifying, sanitation standards, and the overall cleanliness.

GMP has also been known as “cGMP.” The “c” is an abbreviation for “current,” so that consumers can be reassured that compliance with cGMP regulations requires a company use current technologies and systems. Companies that choose to use out-of-date systems may not employ current day standards that newer and better equipment can promise.

In order to become GMP certified, there are requirements in place that hold companies accountable for producing documented proof of proper manufacturing processes. The company is also responsible for proving that all of its operations are audited in order to keep their certification up-to-date.


Pharmaceutical-Grade CBD Oil Hemp Source


What many do not consider is that in order to produce a high-quality product, a company must also have high-quality sources. It is impossible to create standard products from low-quality sources. A new consumer should consider researching the processes CBD oil producers employ in order to make their products with industrial hemp.

One issue these companies often run into is that industrial hemp is grown to produce fiber seeds. It isn’t truly made for the terpene and cannabinoid, which explains why industrial hemp is not a great material for the creation of CBD-rich, full, purified spectrum oil.

Other cannabinoids and CBD, including terpenes, are not found in the fibers or the seeds of a hemp plant. What most do not realize, is that in order to produce these seeds, male industrial hemp plants must be present to fertilize the female plants. With this in mind, farming industrial hemp benefits the male plants. After the plant’s flowers are fertilized, seed production takes place. This takes away from the production of the important essential oils, as a great amount of the essential oils can get into the unfertilized female hemp plant.

City Natural makes its products from phytocannabinoid-rich (PCR) hemp, which is a much higher-quality source than most companies can promise. PCR is particularly bred to yield high levels of terpenes and cannabinoid, and PCR can also be obtained by using clones of female plants or feminized seeds to decrease the process of fertilization, while maximizing the essential oils’ production.


Organic Farming Methods


The PCR hemp City Natural uses is grown in Colorado under conditions that promise nutrient-rich soil, strict regulations, and 100% organic farming practices. Every year, the Colorado State Department of Agriculture conducts a series of tests for the hemp plants in order to promise a consistent THC content that aligns with the regulations of all state and federal government requirements.

With our state-of-the-art farming process, our natural genetic strains are constantly enhanced, ensuring that the products we create for our consumers are regulated and safe, unmatched in potency and uniformity.


Proprietary Extraction and Solids Separation


In order to create City Natural products, a proprietary food-grade, the ethanol-based, extraction process is used. Throughout this process, all the recommended and beneficial terpenes and phytocannabinoids are preserved, removing unwanted compounds, as well as stopping the degradation of the natural molecules during the extraction and purification processes.

By its own merit, CBD oil offers many health benefits. However, further research has proven that a full-spectrum CBD product that contains natural cannabinoids and terpenes enhances the product’s health benefits on a grander scale. This is known as the Entourage Effect. Synergistic cannabinoids such as CBD, CBC, CBG, and CBN, including a diverse terpene profile, can be found in our full-spectrum, phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil.

Afterward, our company employs another proprietary process that separates the oil from the plant sold. At that point, the oil is ‘distilled’ in order to take out the ethanol used in food products. The remaining product is a high-quality, pure, full-spectrum CBD oil that our company can be proud of and truly stand behind.




When a consumer purchases a pharmaceutical-grade product, there shouldn’t be a concern of unwanted active compounds. With a true CBD oil product, the end product should be 100% free of THC, a compound within cannabis that produces what most call “a high.”

To purchase a product that is absolutely free of THC, City Natural begins our process with a PCR hemp strain, which has less than .3% THC by dry weight. With this process, every trace of THC are removed from the final product after the full-spectrum oil has endured a patented process.


Independent Laboratory Testing


One factor that most companies do not consider, and truly avoid, is a third-party lab testing when making their pharmaceutical-grade CBD oil. City Natural products undergo a rigorous testing process by these independent laboratories to ensure we can stand by products that are potent, contaminant-free, and only the highest quality for our consumers. These tests are utilized to measure and confirm all levels of terpenes and cannabinoids, which would reduce the quality of pharmaceutical-grade CBD oil.


Through this information, it should be evident the moral ground that City Natural stands on in order to manufacture pharmaceutical-grade CBD oil products. This company begins with PCR hemp that only promises the highest quality, followed by a proprietary process that is used to extract the raw oil, and then all traces of THC are strategically removed from the final product. After these processes take place, a third-party laboratory is used for quality testing to ensure that we accurately tested and produced a quality product.

We carry out this entire process under the umbrella of the trusted GMP-certified manufacturing guidelines which promises an important, comprehensive, set of quality assurance standards for consumers. The facility that is used to produce City Natural CBD oil is currently the only GMP-certified facility in the entire industry, setting a standard that no company has set before us.

So when looking for a pharmaceutical-grade CBD oil, don’t settle for a company that produces a product that promises anything less than your best interest. If you’re looking for quality, City Natural is the right place for you.

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