How CBD Oil Helps Athletes Achieve Peak Performance

How CBD Oil Helps Athletes Achieve Peak Performance

It’s no secret that in order to stay fit, people have to commit to weekly physical exercise that align with their goals and ambitions. However, while trying to achieve this healthy lifestyle, these athletes are prone to injury, prolonging or halting their original timelines and abilities to reach certain goals. This is particularly true in competitive sports, but research is proving to have some new answers for these ongoing challenges. CBD may be the answer for fitness influencers and athletes with hopes to avoid injury, day-to-day body aches, and chronic pain. What’s even more exciting, is that while these athletes can avoid injury and harm through CBD, they may also be able to achieve peak performance that they could not reach without this newfound tool.

There are many reasons that athletes are using CBD oil, but most report that they see the most benefits in pain and inflammation reduction after sport-related injuries or challenging workouts. However, there are also coaches, professional athletes, and medical professionals who rave about the many other advantages they are witnessing after using or treating patients with CBD oil. Many are reporting a stark increase in energy, focus, and even greater capacity for stressful scenarios. In addition to these incredible psychological advantages, there are reports of stronger bones and heart conditions, proving that there are also many physical improvements due to CBD oil.

One of the most telling examples of CBD oil benefits is through the tangible improvements professional football players are noticing. Football players are exposed to debilitating, painful, and serious injury due to the combative nature of the game. For many of them, anti-inflammatories and opiates have been the answer to their ongoing pain issues, adding to the growing epidemic of opioid addiction that our country is facing. With this ongoing crisis, there has been a call to action to find safer, alternative, methods to treating such pain. CBD oil is quickly becoming the cure to this epidemic, as many of these athletes are paving the way to show others safer, alternative methods of treating ongoing pain. Below is just a few more examples of how CBD oil has the ability to change the course of treatments for athletes everywhere.


A Reduction in Performance Anxiety

The number one reason that so many athletes are turning to CBD oil is to reduce their performance anxiety. Many of these professionals claim that CBD oil is improving their overall mental health by alleviating stress before or during their sporting events. Medical professionals are indicating that CBD oil is reducing anxiety by stimulating and regulating the effects of neurotransmitters, which the body naturally produces. One of these is anandamide, an endocannabinoid that plays an important role in controlling the production of serotonin (a neurotransmitter also known as the “bliss molecule). Serotonin is what helps athletes “get into the zone,” and it also contributes to the notion of “runner’s high” (the feeling produced from intense, extended, exercise).

Pain Reduction

Muscle inflammation causes most of the pain that results from vigorous sport and exercise activity. However, CBD acts as anti-inflammatory agent. Once this inflammation is kept at bay, these athletes get the pain relief they are searching for. This natural and safe anti-inflammatory option helps regulate pain, and it helps athletes avoid the overuse of addictive and dangerous opioids that have rampantly overtaken so many.

Increased Focus and “Flow”

There is an untrue notion that CBD oil has the ability to make oil users high. While this is proven to be false, CBD does help users focus, and it enhances their overall mood. Many athletes attribute their ability to respond to situations and circumstances to the effects of CBD, claiming it helps them clear their mind, allows them to think through plays, and encourages an overall faster reaction time.

Sleep and Relaxation

In order to achieve peak performance, these athletes are required to get adequate rest. Studies are proving that CBD oil helps regulate sleeping patterns, increasing a person’s energy and mental capacity. This, of course, leads to greater alertness throughout practices, sporting events, and other areas of day-to-day life.

Nausea Reduction

There are some athletes who suffer from nausea once they complete new and challenging workouts. CBD oil has anti-nausea elements that can effectively treat nausea in a more natural and conducive way than other pharmaceutical medications, such as antihistamines (Dramamine) or phenothiazines (Stemetil). For those who are looking for a more holistic way to help such an inconvenience, CBD oil is a wonderful option.

Bone Health

One of the worst days in an athlete’s career is the day that they are told they are “out for the season” due to a severe bone break or injury. Broken bones have the potential to put athletes out of the game for months at a time, and even then, there are no promises for full recoveries. Even worse, there are some injuries that are career threatening. There is an immense amount of pressure for these athletes to heal quickly and get “back on the court” or “on the field.” Multiple studies are showing that CBD oil strengthens bones, prevents fractures, cuts down on healing time for injuries, and even slows down the onset of osteoporosis (a disease that makes bones brittle and weak).

In looking at all the physical and psychological benefits of CBD oil, it is no secret that it is already helping athletes all across the globe. These athletes are experiencing peak performance, reducing their overall body damage, lowering their stress and anxiety levels, healing faster, and reducing their intake of addictive and harmful prescription painkillers.

It is no surprise that in early 2018, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) recognized the health benefits of CBD oil, and they officially removed it from the list of banned substances. This decision has led to many athletes utilizing this product and experiencing the benefits of CBD oil. In a recent interview with The Washington Post, Ebenezer Ekuban, former defensive end said, “I think in due time, the NFL is going to realize that CBD oil is not a performance-enhancing drug. If anything, it helps with anxiety, helps with concentration, and helps with pain.” It seems as though many are understanding the knowledge and benefits that CBD oil has to offer so many.

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