Our Story

Personal Story

Kristin is a Mom, Wife and Registered Nurse. As a lifelong Vegetarian, natural and organic products and health-focused lifestyle have always been a staple in her life. However, as Kristin dove deeper into her career and growing family, it became clear that crippling anxiety and postpartum depression were taking their toll.


As the trips to the doctors increased, so did the prescriptions. It seemed as though every trip to the doctor ended up with a new prescription to treat a side effect of a previously prescribed drug.  Enough was Enough. We set out on a mission to find a more organic and natural solution to help cope with these common ailments and symptoms.


Kristin had been hearing about the amazing results and benefits from CBD through some friend and colleagues and decided it was time to try it. She started off by sampling several different brands and methods. Slowly playing with serving sizes to find the amount that worked best for her body.

After several months of trial and error, the passion for this effective and natural solution was crystal clear. CBD was no longer something she regarded with skepticism, this was a product that worked and allowed her to function and thrive.

The Mission

Now that we knew CBD was a game-changing product, our focus turned to why some products were clearly more effective than others. We began doing more and more research into different types of CBD, and the process in which the product is manufactured and sourced.


What we found was major inconsistencies with processes and brands. We immediately knew that if a product like this could dramatically change our lives, it can change the lives of others. However, we didn’t want other people to have to go through the years of finding the best products as we had.


We decided to create a brand based on the highest quality products and service. We wanted a company that was transparent on how our product is sourced and processed.

The Brand

With more and more businesses in the CBD space cropping up overnight, we felt the importance for our brand to step out of the shadows of strictly online business and open class A retail operations across the country. We also wanted to create a brand that wasn’t afraid to put a face and experience behind the incredible brand found online.


City Natural Stores should be the first step in someone’s personal CBD journey. Our friendly and educated staff will listen to your story and educate you on the benefits and best practices when learning about and trying CBD products for the first time.


Our retail locations also offer other non CBD product such as organic candles, skin care, linens, and clothing.